Our Radon Mitigation Services


Sub-Slab Depressurization

Mitigation Option # 1

A sub-slab depressurization system or an active soil depressurization, is a very effective way to reduce Radon levels in your home. Instead of Radon entering your home through openings in foundations, radon is drawn through a customized fan system and exhausted to the outdoor air away from your home.


Sub-Membrane Depressurization

Mitigation Option # 2

If your home has crawlspaces containing soil, these areas of your home can be vented by sealing over the soil creating an air-tight membrane. Then an exhaust system is installed to vent the Radon to the outdoor air away from your home.


Sump Pump Depressurization

Mitigation Option # 3

If your home has a sump pump in the basement to drain away water, this sump opening can be sealed with a special cap converting it to a dual purpose. This sealed cap can still be used to drain water, but also to install a Radon extraction system from option # 1.


Drainage Depressurization

Mitigation Option # 4

If your home has a drainage system in place to help direct water away from the foundation, this drainage system can be given a dual purpose. Applying suction to this drainage system will help reduce Radon levels, but for this mitigation option to be highly effective the drainage system must be more than partial foundation coverage.


Increase Air Exchanges

Mitigation Option # 5

HRV and ERV equipment bring in fresh outside air, mixes it with the air inside your home and exhausts air to the outdoors. Increasing the ventilation in your home with more air exchanges, helps keep the air in your home fresh. For Radon levels this option has limitations to how much reduction is possible.


Address All Major Openings

Mitigation Option # 6

It is always helpful to seal off all openings in your home to further help reduce Radon levels. This is not a standalone solution, but doing so can further assist other mitigation options. Basement floor drains, sumps, exposed soil, cracks and openings in foundations should all be properly sealed as they are major entry points for Radon.

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